Screen Free Week



April 29 – May 5, 2019

Let’s join the nation by setting realistic goals to turn off screens and “turn on life.”

We’ll help you with fun, free to the public activities scheduled for each day of the week.

1. Pledge: Have your family sign the pledge card to reduce device time during Just Look Up-Screen-Free Week. While we understand that many parents have to work on computerized devices and students learn on tablets, we are asking that in the evening as a family after these daily duties are completed families pledge to spend time screen-free. Parents we are asking that you model, device free behavior and get your kids involved, as they can help adults stay accountable too! Download your pledge card in English or Spanish.

2. Plan: Use our list of suggested activities to bring old-school fun back into your life.  Download this map the from the Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department ahead of time to cut down on your web searching during the week.

3. Have fun and connect:  For more inspiration during the week and beyond, post these suggested activities on your fridge or over your screens.

4. Document your efforts: Be proud of what you have accomplished! Every little bit is a success. You and your kids can keep track of all your screen free moments with this handy activity log in English or Spanish.

5. Educate: Look over the Screen-Free Week Family Guide in English or Spanish and get your creative juices flowing. Learn some real-life strategies for reducing your family’s reliance on screen time with this campaign.

6.Don’t forget: Print off a certificate in English or Spanish to congratulate your family on a job well done!


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Screen-Free Week is a national event.