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Jay ShraderDarcy Vanden ElzenDenise Brickheimer-ReichertSimone Fevola
Jay Shrader
Vice President
Community Health & Wellness
Phone: 715-221-9462
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Darcy Vanden Elzen
Assistant Director of Programs
Phone: 715-221-8424
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Denise Brickheimer-Stanek
Assistant Director of Operations
Phone: 715-221-8402
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Simone Fevola
Grant Officer
Phone: 715-221-8411
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Allie MachtanBrian BlahnikRandy NeveLaura Zelenak
Allie Machtan
Assistant Director - Community Health
Phone: 715-221-9872
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Brian Blahnik
Phone: 715-221-8403
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Randy Neve
Afterschool Programs
Phone: 715-221-8404
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Laura Zelenak
Alcohol & Drug Programs
Phone: 715-384-3096
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Our Staff

Administrative Support
Stephanie LullAlayna RatschNatalie DeYoung
Stephanie Lull
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 715-221-8415
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Alayna Ratsch
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 715-221-8407
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Natalie DeYoung
Phone: 715-221-8420
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Jen SmithTiffany KulaMarissa Petersen
Jennifer Smith
Program Manager
Phone: 715-221-8409
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Tiffany Kula
Program Assistant
Phone: 715-221-8414
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Marissa Petersen
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8410
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Connie SerschMiranda Dupont
Connie Sersch
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8427
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Miranda Dupont
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8412
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Becky BoquistShelly Kaiser
Becky Boquist
Program Manager
Recovery Corps
Phone: 715-221-8421
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Shelly Kaiser
Health Educator
Volunteer Wisconsin
Phone: 715-221-8406
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Community Benefits Coordinators
JoAnna GiraudPa Yiar KhangCiara Schultz
JoAnna Bernklau
Community Benefits Coordinator
Marshfield Medical Center - Eau Claire
Phone: 715-221-9115
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Pa Khang
Community Benefits Coordinator
Marshfield Medical Center - Marshfield & Neillsville
Phone: 715-424-8612
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Ciara Schultz
Community Benefits Coordinator
Marshfield Medical Center - Marathon and Portage counties
Phone: 715-343-7753
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Community Connections Team
Trevor BeginJennifer Paape
Trevor Begin
Program Manager
Phone: 715-858-4467
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Jennifer Paape
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8975
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Alcohol & Drug Programs

HOPE Consortium, Northwoods Coalition, Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth, MCHS AmeriCorps Recovery Corps

Meagan OttoMeagan PichlerKayleigh MengelEmily Loertscher
Meagan Otto
Health Educator
Phone: 715-660-6649
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Meagan Pichler
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8422
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Kayleigh Mengel
Health Educator -
Team Leader
Phone: 715-221-8423
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Emily Loertscher
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8332
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Bridget Hesselberg
Health Educator Associate
Phone: 715-221-8408
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Sarah BangartJodi Chojnacki
Sarah Bangart
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8417
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Jodi Chojnacki
Health Educator
Phone: 715-221-8419
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